GLOOOBAL was founded in 2011 focussing 100% on SAP HANA. With its headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany, and offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it has been a global company from the first day on.

The mission of GLOOOBAL is to help companies turning the power of SAP HANA into real business value.

SAP HANA can revolutionize the way companies do business. This new technology is an enabler for much more than just faster reporting; it is the platform for the next generation of applications that can transform your business positively. Its exclusive focus and real-life project experience makes GLOOOBAL an ideal and unique partner for organizations developing and implementing their long-term SAP HANA roadmap with a return on investment with each step.

GLOOOBAL’s Core Competencies

  • SAP HANA Strategy
  • Installation, operations and database migrations
  • SAP HANA Modeling
  • Development of predictive applications
  • Business Intelligence on SAP HANA
  • SAP Fraud Management
  • SAP Audit Management
  • SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence
  • SAP HANA solutions for Utility Companies


  • 29/08/2014
  • Fighting Energy Theft with SAP HANA: U-Detect
  • U-Detect_140_100Today, GLOOOBAL and GMB announce the availability of U-Detect, a comprehensive solution to fight the theft of electrical energy. U-Detect, based on SAP Fraud Management, SAP’s enterprise fraud solution, is leveraging the capabilities of SAP HANA to detect the theft early by analyzing large amounts of data from different sources using proven detection algorithms. The integrated case management, the 360-degree view on each case, allow for a detailed analysis of suspicious cases before handing them over to field inspection teams. U-Detect is tightly integrated with SAP IS-U, leading industry solution for utility companies. This integration does not only guarantee smooth implementations without the need for costly data transformations, but also ensures a seamless synchronization of cases with SAP Service Management, the preferred application to manage field inspection teams. Customer feedback clearly shows, that the holistic approach of U-Detect that goes way beyond analyzing data does not only increase the effectiveness of fraud detection significantly, but also greatly improves the overall efficiency of the fraud management process. For more information please see the U-Detect page.
  • 30/06/2014
  • GLOOOBAL introduces Detect360 – Ready-to-Run Solutions for SAP Fraud Management
  • Detect360 Logo 140 100GLOOOBAL, a leading expert for SAP Fraud Management, has bundled its ready-to-run solutions for SAP Fraud Management on SAP HANA under the brand name Detect360. Detect360 offers companies consistent modules to detect fraud in a variety  of horizontal and vertical areas. Solutions come with complete data models, SAP integration, detection rules, predictive methods and powerful user interfaces for auditors, built with the GLOOOBAL Facet Builder technology. For more information see our products page.
  • 6/02/2014
  • GLOOOBAL announces Partnership with GSI for Colombia
  • gsi-consultoria

    GLOOOBAL and GSI have agreed on a partnership to serve the companies in Colombia with world class SAP HANA and SAP Fraud Management services and products.

    GSI is a company with 14 years of experience in SAP ERP.

    Its slogan "We exceed expectations" materialized in implementations projects, upgrades, solution developments, project management and upgrades to different versions of ERP. Throughout the past years, GSI has had the opportunity to support clients from different industries and markets such as Colombia, Peru and Mexico.